Tripartite Online

Below we have captured what you can expect from each of our Tripartite programs during this time of distance learning.


Academic classes will run on the six-day schedule according to student schedules in MySchool. Teacher Zoom rooms can be found in the schedule so that students can more easily join in their classes. Teachers will communicate lesson plans ahead of the class to ensure students know what to expect. Class routines that can be maintained, and make sense in the online environment, will still happen. English students, for example, will need a book to read. One of the concerns in the online environment is academic honesty. Brentwood students are expected to maintain their integrity and embrace the learning opportunities presented with openness and a willingness to make mistakes and learn from those.


At Brentwood, we believe in the importance of being physically active as a contributor to good health and well-being. At no time is this more important than now and we plan to ensure that regular workouts are available to students on our normal sport afternoons. In order to accommodate this, workouts will be shared with students with the expectation that these are being completed. Those unable to join our live sessions can access a recorded version and complete it when it is convenient in their time zone. No equipment will be required to do these and you will recognize the coach as one of our own Brentwood coaches leading you in the workout and encouraging you along the way. You will also be asked to complete an activity tracker and submit it to your Brentwood coach who will monitor your progress.



At Brentwood, we believe in the importance of being creative as a contributor to good health and well-being. Arts classes will be potentially more asynchronous than academic classes due to the variety of time zones in which our students live. Arts teachers will be able to host Zoom meetings so students are able to connect and interact with them in a similar fashion to academic classes. Individual teachers will be communicating details and expectations for assignments.