Principles For Our Work

Principles for our Work

1. We are flexible, adaptable humans

    • We did not sign up for this learning experience; not teachers, students or parents
    • We trust our teachers and students to work within this new approach
    • Nobody knows where this is going and what we’ll need to adapt

2. The humane option is the best option.

    • We are going to prioritize supporting each other as humans
    • We are going to prioritize simple solutions that make sense for the most
    • We are going to prioritize sharing resources and communicating clearly

3. We cannot just do the same thing online.

    • Some assignments are no longer possible
    • Some expectations are no longer reasonable
    • Some objectives are no longer valuable

4. We will foster intellectual nourishment, social connection, and personal accommodation.

    • Keeping to our timetable will allow for synchronous discussion to learn together and combat isolation
    • Accessible asynchronous content for diverse access, time zones, and contexts ensures support and learning for all

(Adapted from Brandon Bayne, UNC - Chapel Hill, 2020)