Head of School Introduction

From The Head of School

The Brentwood learning experience has always been anchored by deep, meaningful, and personalized relationships. The delivery mechanism that is woven into this connected tissue is our tripartite and boarding programs. While recent global challenges have disrupted time and space, we are committed to maintaining these fundamental principles of the Brentwood way.

Our staff are excited about delivering the best possible virtual Brentwood experience and are diligently preparing meaningful learning opportunities. The co-creation of this experience with our students will be part of the journey. There will be bumps along the road and, collectively, we will make adjustments over time. Together, we will develop new skills and utilize digital platforms that will be essential in post-secondary and beyond.

To produce a nurturing learning environment, all of us are encouraged to commit to a few tenets.

  1. Communication – It is vital that we create positive and personal pathways of communication. Students should feel comfortable seeking help and demonstrating a mature, solution-oriented approach with their teachers, advisors, houseparents, and parents. Likewise, staff will ensure clarity of expectations for their students.
  2. Responsibility – This is a wonderful time to continue to master the art of taking personal responsibility for our decisions and efforts. A consistent diligent approach coupled with strong organization skills will, inevitably, lead to successful outcomes.
  3. Pride – It is remarkable to see how easily personal pride in all that we do can propel us to new heights in achievement. Ensuring attentive engagement instead of being seduced by distractions, requires discipline and belief. It is time to dig deep, show some grit, and lean on our passion to achieve our best.

Generations of Brentonians have always been bound with a community-minded spirit and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This time will be no different. Let us continue to lean on each other - students, staff, parents, and Old Brentonians.

This is our hand to hand moment.

De Manu In Manum,

Bud Patel

Head of School