In order to create a learning environment that sets us all up for a great experience we have identified the following expectations for all of us: academic teachers, advisors, students, and our parents.

What to Expect from Academic Teachers

Teachers will:

  • share the plan for the lesson at least the day before the class
  • be available in their Zoom Room during the scheduled class time and during tutorial time
  • have published times when they are available to support student learning outside of tutorial times
  • have an online class site for accessing resources and to submit assignments (Google Classroom/MOODLE)
  • dress professionally
  • take attendance in MySchool
  • communicate with the Advisor when they have concerns about a student and notify the Learning Centre teachers when a student in the LC is behind in work
  • provide ongoing feedback to students about their learning

What to Expect from Advisors

Advisors will:

  • communicate weekly on an individual basis to ensure that any problems are being addressed and successes celebrated
  • host weekly Advisor meetings at the scheduled time on Mondays
  • communicate with teachers and parents as needed to support the advisee
  • communicate with the school administration to offer feedback from students
  • continue to work with their advisees to help them to achieve their goals

What to Expect from Students

Students will:

  • arrive to class ready to work
  • do their best to join in classes as they are running or to view recorded classes as soon as possible after they have taken place
  • communicate!!!
  • create a work space that has a background that is appropriate or use a virtual background with Zoom, limiting distractions for other students
  • wear business casual dress to class as you will be on camera at times and we are setting the tone of a professional work environment
  • ask for time with a teacher to get support when needed
  • complete the arts and athletics work as expected
  • be respectful at all times, including in breakout rooms in Zoom when working with other students
  • be patient - with themselves, with teachers, with parents
  • be aware of how they are feeling and ask for support when needed
  • understand using or altering school recordings or portions thereof for anything other than their intended purposes is prohibited

What to Expect from Parents

Parents will:

  • help their child create a work environment somewhere in the home.
  • discuss the keys to success and work out a plan for what that will look like in a practical day-to-day sense
  • communicate with the Advisor when needed to support the child’s learning experience
  • encourage their child to meet expectations for academics, arts and athletics
  • be patient with their child, teachers and themselves - this is all new and can be quite overwhelming at times