Distance Learning Guide

The Brentwood Distance Learning Guide is designed to provide you with some clarity on the processes and guidelines for our distance learning program. We hope you will find it useful but please note it is as a working document that will continue to evolve.

A PDF of this guide can be downloaded here - Brentwood Distance Learning Guide

After careful consideration of our practice, engagement, and program delivery process, we will make the following modifications to our distance learning program beginning Tuesday, April 14th:

  • Our program will run from Monday to Friday with no Saturday classes. Synchronous Active Living workouts (2 pm) and sport specific offerings will continue to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and our athletics instructors will provide an optional Saturday Active Living workout.
  • Wednesday classes will follow the Tuesday schedule with classes beginning at 8:15 am with two 80-minute blocks, a break at 11:05 am, tutorial time and a final 80-minute class.
  • Much like athletics, our arts instructors, on a rotational basis, will present at 2:00 pm on arts afternoons, a 30-minute communal art experience - Arts Fair - for all students. For those who wish to engage further, all instructors will be available from 2:30-4:00 pm for extension activities. Parents are welcome to join!
  • House, advisor, and club meetings will take place during the Monday to Friday period.

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