Important reminders for your workout:

  • Wear proper sport attire (shorts and T-shirt recommended
  • We recommend you use a Yoga matt or that you do your workout on some sort of giving surface
  • Running shoes highly recommended
  • If you find the workouts too easy - up your speed and reps. If you find them too hard - go at your own pace. Find what works for you and try to challenge yourself.
  • Be on time.
  • Have fun!

Athletics: Active Living Webinar

Tuesday and Thursday 2 pm PDT

We will be running an Active Living class every sport afternoon starting at 2pm. We expect everyone (yes all of Brentwood!) to be participating in these workouts. They will be live sessions with the opportunity to interact with instructors but for those of you living in time zones that make this a challenge, all workouts will be recorded and posted so you can complete them later. There will be a variety of activities happening during the active living workouts ranging from cardio to bodyweight exercises to stretching and yoga. They will not be long (30-40 minutes max) and we will do our best to meet the needs of a wide range of fitness levels.

Please join the regular Tuesday and Thursday webinars at the following address:

Sport Specific Workshops

Starting April 7 - Sport Specific workshops and activities (at various times)

After we get our first week of sport under our belt, our coaches are keen to offer supplemental sport-specific sessions for those interested in doing more than just the Active Living workout. These sessions will start on April 7. While we cannot have full-scale practices, there are things that coaches would like to do with athletes in their sport to help improve in a variety of ways (technically, tactically and physically). These sessions will be organized so that they do not run at the same time as the Active Living workouts.

They are not mandatory but many students have already expressed an interest in doing whatever they can to get better and our coaches would like to deliver as best they can. For example, a student that wants to get better in basketball would do their Active Living workout at 2 pm and then they could join one of the basketball coaches for a basketball-specific skill workout (all you would need is a ball) at 3 pm. Almost every competitive program intends to provide something extra for their athletes if they want to participate.

Student Weekly Reflection

Each Saturday, please take a moment to reflect and share your feedback in the survey linked below:

Clearly these are certainly extraordinary times but we are pleased to announce that our online athletics is officially up and running. A reminder that we expect everyone to attend our Active Living workouts on sport afternoons at 2 pm PST.

Every one of our coaches will be assigned an athlete that they are expected to communicate with. It is likely you will be working with a coach from the third term sport that you were initially registered in. They want to know how you are doing with your exercise on a weekly basis. We ask that you share your weekly exercise goals and experiences with them.


  • We expect the entire community to show up ready to get some exercise at our 2 pm PDT Active Living sessions (or where necessary, to do the workout from the recording)
  • Wear appropriate athletic gear: Not jeans! Preferably T-shirt and shorts but maybe not those shorts Juan!
  • Be on time
  • If you don’t understand an exercise or want feedback – feel free to ask for help in the chatroom – you can message the coach directly. We will have a coach standing by to assist.
  • Challenge yourself and most importantly – have fun!

Complete the weekly Survey – this is a vital part of our communication process.

Feel free to reach out to Mr Gage directly at any time if you have questions or just want to talk sport. Stay healthy!