On behalf of the Arts Faculty, I want to tell you first how much you are missed. The performance stages and art studios are empty of your creativity and energy, but starting this Monday we will reach out to you via Zoom and virtual classrooms to continue build those artistic skills and hold those creative conversations that make all of our lives richer and more fulfilled. Each one of your arts teachers has a Zoom room and they have been exploring a variety of ways to deliver a personal and exceptional experience to you. We will have virtually everything virtual, and if needs be, we will have virtual galleries to display your work and virtual performances.

Creating art can be such a consolation and feel good experience for all of us.

Arts Master Classes

Arts Afternoons - New Information!

This message from me is to clarify what that means for the arts program beginning Wednesday April 15. Please read carefully and then reread so you understand the path.

This is what the program will look like moving forward:

  • Mandatory: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2pm (PDT) you will be expected to participate in a 30 minute class taught by one of our talented arts teachers. We will all get together and make art. If your time zone disallows this participation , these master classes will be recorded and attendance checked. This act of creation will be required in order to issue credits to you for arts- more of that below. As a favourite Jane Austen character urges- “Read On!”
  • This coming Wednesday, April 15th. Ms. Johnson will lead a class in drawing and painting. If materials are needed- and these would be available in your home- I will let you know the day before, so you can gather the materials together ahead of time- like paper. Maybe your parents would like to join in!
  • On Wednesday April 15 only -read only- beginning at 2:35 pm PDT we will have 30 minute art blocks so that your individual teachers can explain their own journeys with you moving forward. Please go their own Zoom Rooms. During these chats, each arts teacher will answer you questions with respect to carrying on in that particular art or not.
  • Many of you have started projects and if you decide to complete them they will be assessed and could raise your current mark in the class. If you decide not to continue in the extended enrichment classes that would go from 2:35-4 pm, then your cumulative mark up to the end of the second term which is 2/3’s of the year will be used. Teachers will have the ability to determine the marks.

For Wednesday, April 15 only!

Block 1: 2:35-3pm

Block 2: 3:05- 3:35pm

Block 3: 3:40- 4:10pm

Block 4: 4:15-4:45pm

  • Beginning on Friday, April 17th, the 30 minute class is compulsory but the rest of the arts afternoon is voluntary. Your dedicated arts teachers will however be in their Zoom rooms until 4pm to work with you on projects and assignments. So yes there will be a virtual Art Show so those students who want to participate in that may work with your studio faculty until 4pm. Yes the Senior Acting Company will present their show as a radio play for the school and we have made other adaptions for other performance and visual arts classes to share their work with you.

Each year the arts faculty muses on the idea of holding an Arts Fair- an opportunity for each of you to experience as many of the arts at Brentwood that we offer, and in the tradition of making lemonade out of lemons, these unusual times have allowed us to do that. Instead of you walking into the studios or standing on our stages, we will come to you each arts afternoon with a different artist celebrating their creative world through a hands on class.

      • As with academics, attendance will be taken, and heads will be counted.
      • As with academics, your art teacher’s URL is embedded in your My School time table.